Dear 2017

The word that keeps coming to me when I think of summing up 2017 is “Reset.”

2017 was my 11th year in the US. Towards the end of 2016, after the crying and the anger was dealt with, I realized that I fell off the wagon. Like anyone that falls off the wagon or forgets their dreams along with their journey, I caught myself asking “How did I get here?”

How did I gain so much weight? How did I get into so much debt? How did my thoughts become so toxic? When did my silence begin to oppress me? When did I stop making the best of everything? AND the list goes on…

I needed guidance so I went to the beginning…

Found Here

Quite simple rules for a happy life yet so hard to live by…

While I stumbled and fell multiple times,  I promised myself to remember that

  • God is my anchor, not my boss, not my friends or anything else that appears to make me lose my cool.
  • I have my pace; I can be happy about others success and not feel like a failure myself.
  • The sustainable and successful life that I am going for is a “crockpot” success, not a “microwave” process.

Because these goals are valid every minute of my life, I feel that RESET is a good way to describe 2017. Thank you for all the lessons 2017, Bring it on 2018 🙂

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