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In this day of age where information is available at our fingertips, There are still people that would rather make themselves look like fools rather than take a few seconds and Google.

I was not surprised by the president’s comment last week. In fact, because I made it a point to give people credit for speaking their mind, I chose to do so. Many people think the same, they just don’t say it.

I heard racist comments in various situations: as a cashier, as a student, as an employee and even as a commuter on the bus or the train. I was once told by a person that has the same skin color as me, the same hair texture and the same challenges that I face (as a woman, a woman of color,etc.) that I should go back and live in my hut in Africa. The women went further and stated that we eat raw meat jump from tree to tree like Tarzan. I recall maintaining my composure and recommending that the woman spends some time educating themselves. I even offered to buy her some African movies…

The point of me sharing this story is that I want to remind us all that we should not take things for granted. But most importantly, we must stand our ground and remember who we are, know our history and stand firm on our roots.

Our peace of mind is exposed to all types of interruptions; before we get on our phones, laptops, and computers, let’s remember the words of the great Martin Luther King Jr.

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